Wooden safebox with padlock. Pencil inscription to underside of lid that reads “Slainte, good fortune*, The Lord Will Provide”. This box was located under the bed in the inner bedroom, which has been interpreted as the boys’ bedroom. The lock remains shut but the fixing has been pried loose. The box contained a number of items including two boxes of matches (not retained in collection), a World War I silver war badge that was given to the wounded and worn upon their return home (BFK24), an Indian Mutiny Medal (BFK25), a World War I era wrist watch (BFK26), an early 1900s pocket watch (BFK27), a page of a magazine (not retained in collection) and a container of balm (BFK28).

*The third word is not clear so ‘fortune’ is a guess.

2 thoughts on “BFK23

    1. It was an overwhelming experience and choices had to be made as I went. I physically couldnt take everything. The magazine page was probably of no interest as I had a lot of whole magazines. I thought I had kept the matches but I must have left them behind.

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